Blade SignsWhat are Blade Signs?

Blade Signs, which are also called projecting signs, are signs used primarily for identifying and promoting businesses. They are typically installed on exterior walls perpendicularly to the building. Blade signs have opposite facing sign panels so that the name of the business can be seen from multiple angles. Blade signs increase the visibility of a business to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists moving parallel to the building.

Why Use a Blade Sign?

Storefront signs and other building signage will allow people to identify your business, but not from every angle. Picture a café on the north side a two-lane street in Santa Monica. Somebody walking or driving east or west might not notice any forward-facing sign identifying this café. However, with a blade sign jutting out perpendicularly, potential customers moving east to west (or vice versa) will easily notice this Santa Monica café.

Types of Blade Signs

To be effective, a blade sign should be double-sided. Blade signs can also be illuminated to increase visibility at night and in the rain. The sign experts at Global Signs & Graphics can take a look at your Santa Monica-area business and recommend if a blade sign is the right tool to boost your visibility. We can display an eye-catching image on your blade sign, or your logo, or, if needed, we can design a logo for your business.

Work With Us to Create the Perfect Look for the Façade of Your Business or Building

Global Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company in Santa Monica, California. We can custom make the perfect blade sign for your business, organization, institution, or property in Santa Monica or anywhere else in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about blade signs or our other products or services, please contact us via our website or call us at 818-723-4047.

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