Parking Lot SignsWhat are Parking Lot Signs?

Parking lots should be simple places, but they can often be confusing and sometimes even dangerous. To make everything run smoothly in a parking lot requires the right signage. Parking lot signs help traffic move efficiently and safely and they help keep people walking around your parking lot safe.

Why Use Parking Lot Signs?

It doesn’t matter if you own a boutique store in West Hollywood with a small lot or if you manage a large condo building in West Hollywood with underground parking; if your business or property has a parking lot, you need parking lot signs. Parking lot signs assist the flow of traffic, protect people from injury, and protect property and business owners and managers from potential litigation if somebody does get hurt. They can also ensure that parking spots intended for staff or customers stay that way and avoid awkward instances of people parking somewhere for too long or parking in the wrong spot.

Types of Parking Lot Signs

Most parking lot signs don’t need to be complicated. Simple aluminum rectangles installed on chain-link fences or walls are effective at informing people that parking is reserved for patrons of your West Hollywood store or for residents of your West Hollywood property. Parking lot signs can also be installed on poles that are drilled into the asphalt, a parking block, or a concrete base.

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