Sign ManufacturingWhat is Sign Manufacturing?

Sign manufacturing is the process of making, fabricating, and assembling signage and graphics. At Global Signs & Graphics, we manufacture all the signs we make in our Los Angeles studio.

Uses for Sign Manufacturing

Without manufacturing, all signs would merely be blueprints on a computer screen or designs scrawled on a napkin. No matter how brilliant a design is, it will not help your Los Angeles-area business unless it is manufactured by professionals using high-quality materials. Skilled sign manufacturing allows great designs to realize their potential.

Types of Sign Manufacturing

Every sign requires its own unique manufacturing process. Large signs, specifically, require large format printing techniques and technology in order to look crisp and sharp. At Global Signs & Graphics, we can handle quick turn-around times because we know that not everybody is able to anticipate their signage and graphics needs well in advance. We keep all our clients in the loop throughout the entire sign manufacturing process to avoid unwelcome surprises and delays. We also only use high-quality materials to maximize durability.

Let Us Manufacture the Perfect Sign or Graphic for Your Los Angeles-Area Business

Global Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company serving clients who are based anywhere in the Los Angeles area of California. We work closely with all our clients and participate in back-and-forth consultation until we have reached a design that they are 100% happy with. After the design process has been completed, we will then manufacture the sign or graphic and we can install it, too. We have large format printing technology we can use to fabricate large signs and we can even handle any sign permittance matters that might arise. To learn more about sign manufacturing or our other services or products, please contact us via our website or call us at 818-650-8333.

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