Gas Station SignsWhat are Gas Station Signs?

Any sign used by a gas station can be called a gas station sign. There are signs that identify gas stations, signs that brand the space around gas stations, signs that indicate how to use the pumps, signs to indicate hours of operation inside the gas station, signs that convey safety information, and more. Unique to the gas station is the sign that displays the ever-changing cost of gasoline per gallon.

Why Use Gas Station Signs?

It would be difficult to run a gas station without using any signs. How would people notice your gas station? How would they know to work the pumps? How would they know how much gasoline costs? You cannot properly run a gas station without the proper signs.

Types of Gas Station Signs

As mentioned above, gas stations need much of the same signage that many other businesses need. They need signs to promote the impulse buy products inside the gas station store and they need to display safety information, as well. Perhaps the most important gas station sign is the tall pole sign that not only identifies the gas station but also uses numbers to indicate the current price of different gasolines. These numbers change fast. In the past, gas stations used physical ticker signs or replaceable tiles to indicate the price, but now it is much more convenient to use digital light panels to display the number.

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