What Are Monument Signs?

Monument Signs
Monument signs are freestanding, outdoor signs. Monument signs are typically used to identify buildings, businesses, and properties in a way that makes them more visible than a simple sign on the building itself.

Why Use a Monument Sign?

To demonstrate the utility of monument signs, imagine a Van Nuys sporting goods with a large parking lot. Because of the parking lot, the store itself is located quite a distance from the surrounding roads. People driving by, and perhaps even cycling or walking by, might not notice the store. If they’re looking for the sporting goods store, they might not find it, and if they’re not looking for it, they won’t notice the store at all and won’t be tempted to come inside. However, with a purpose-built monument sign installed at the edge of the parking lot, people passing by don’t need to be able to see the store itself. They will easily notice the monument sign. Monument signs are effective at identifying and promoting businesses and properties in situations where there’s a parking lot or lawn between the building and the nearest road.

Types of Monument Signs

The base of a monument sign can be made of wood, brick, stone, concrete, or metal. The sign panel on a monument sign can be made of metal, wood, plastic, foam core, or you can use 3D sign lettering on your monument sign.

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