Consultation & DesignWhat is Consultation & Design?

Signs need to be carefully designed and thought out before manufacturing can begin. This design process often requires quite a bit of back-and-forth consultation between the client and the sign company.

Why Should You Participate in Consultation & Design?

There are times when a client will choose to completely leave the design of their sign or graphic up to the sign company. And that approach can work, but the sign designer will still need to know about the client’s business, the qualities of their brand, what their other signage looks like, and the key components of their aesthetic. Therefore, the client should always participate at least a little in the design of their sign.

Types of Consultation & Design

At Global Signs & Graphics, we approach every consultation with care and vigor. From a restaurant manager in downtown Los Angeles who has a detailed idea for a lighted business sign, to a Pasadena house painter who wants us to design a wrap from scratch for their work van, we can handle any consultation and design job.

We Will Work with You to Create the Perfect Design for Your Signs and Graphics

Global Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company serving clients who are based anywhere in the Los Angeles area of California. We work closely with all our clients and participate in back-and-forth consultation until we have reached a design that they are 100% happy with. After the design process has been completed, we will then manufacture the sign or graphic and we can install it, too. We have large format printing technology we can use to fabricate large signs and we can even handle any sign permittance matters that might arise. To learn more about consultation and design or our other services or products, please contact us via our website or call us at 818-650-8333.

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