Sign Applications & PermitsWhat are Applications & Permits?

Just because you own or rent a property in the Los Angeles area of California does not mean you have carte blanche to install any sign you want on that property. Many signs, typically large outdoor signs, require permission from a municipal government to be installed. Sometimes light-pollution ordinances can affect lighted commercial signs, too.

Why Apply for a Sign Permit?

There are various laws and bylaws that regulate the types and sizes of signs that can be installed throughout the Los Angeles area. Some of these are in place for reasons of safety, to protect property values, for environmental reasons, or to nurture neighborhood harmony. Tall signs can cast unwanted shadows on neighboring properties, bright signs can cause visibility issues, large signs can interfere with power lines above or water pipes below, etc.

Types of Applications & Permits

It’s important to remember that jurisdictions have require different permits for different signs. The sign application process in Santa Monica might be totally different than the process in East Los Angeles.

We Advise Clients When Permittance Might Be Required and Help Them Apply to the Right Governing Body for Those Permits

Global Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company serving clients who are based anywhere in the Los Angeles area of California. We work closely with all our clients and participate in back-and-forth consultation until we have reached a design that they are 100% happy with. After the design process has been completed, we will then manufacture the sign or graphic and we can install it, too. We have large format printing technology we can use to fabricate large signs and we can even handle any sign permittance matters that might arise. To learn more about sign application and permits or our other services or products, please contact us via our website or call us at 818-650-8333.

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