Informational SignsWhat are Informational Signs?

A bright, colorful LED sign identifying and promoting a nightclub in Encino can be exhilarating and captivating. But not all signs can be this flashy. However, there are plenty of signs that might not look as exciting as commercial signage, but still convey important and necessary information. These are informational signs.

Why Use Informational Signs?

Informational signs can identify things such as buildings and rooms. They can also provide directional information, promote safety, and more. Your informational signs should be made with high-quality materials and they might require professional installation. Though many of the design elements present in commercial signage are not present in informational signs, design is still key. Your informational signs should have a look that’s consistent with the rest of your signage and imaging.

Types of Informational Signs

Many informational signs are made of aluminum because it is a lightweight and inexpensive material. This is especially true for outdoor informational signs, such as parking lot signs. Inside, acrylic signs can be used to convey important information. Floor graphics can be used to provide directional and COVID-19 social distancing information. Informational signs can also indicate restrooms, exits, fire exits, checkout lanes, elevators, stairwells, and more. Lastly, some of your informational signs will likely have to comply with federal and/or California state ADA laws or else you won’t be able to serve visually impaired customers or guests and you could receive a sizable fine.

Work With Us to Communicate Important Information

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