Hanging Outdoor SignsWhat are Hanging Outdoor Signs?

Sometimes the best outdoor sign is one in which the sign panel hangs down from the frame of the sign or an external structure. Hanging outdoor signs can generate more impressions than signs which are held in place more firmly.

Why Use a Hanging Outdoor Sign?

You can use an outdoor hanging sign to promote a building or event, to brand an outdoor area, to identify a property, and more. Outdoor hanging signs have a variety of potential uses. A hanging outdoor sign is equally appropriate for identifying a hotel or bed and breakfast in Santa Monica as it is a record store in Santa Monica.

Types of Hanging Outdoor Signs

What will you hang your outdoor sign from? There aren’t often ceilings outdoors, but sometimes there are. A restaurant or café in Santa Monica might have a covered patio from which they can hang an outdoor sign. Otherwise, you will have to hang a sign panel from the structure of the sign, such as the crossbar of a post-and-panel sign. A hanging outdoor sign such as this can really boost a rustic, pastoral aesthetic. Best of all, outdoor hanging signs can generate more views than static signs because even slight, gentle swaying in the breeze can create enough movement to catch people’s attention.

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