Van WrapsWhat are Van Wraps?

Van wraps are a type of vehicle graphic. A wrap can turn your work vehicle into a powerful promotional tool.

Why Use a Van Wrap?

If you use a vehicle as an intrinsic part of your work, you probably find yourself driving around a lot. For example, a plumber based in West Hollywood probably spends a lot of time driving around the LA area. They could be doing a job in West Hollywood on Monday, spend two days working in West Hollywood, and the next week they might have to commute all the way downtown. That’s a lot of time spent driving, stuck in traffic, and even just parked on the street. Instead of looking at that as time lost and money spent on fuel, that West Hollywood plumber can turn that commuting time into time spent promoting their business, and so can you. With a well-designed van wrap, you can generate thousands of impressions every day.

Types of Van Wraps

There are multiple types of vehicle graphics, but a van wrap is the largest. A wrap displays an image on multiple sides of your van, thus “wrapping” around it. Van wraps typically display logos, graphics, slogans, business names, phone numbers, and/or website addresses. Global Signs & Graphics makes eye-catching van wraps that are durable; they won’t peel away easily nor damage the finish of your van.

Work With Us to Turn Your Work Vehicle into a Mobile Billboard

Global Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company in West Hollywood, LA. We can custom make the perfect wrap for your van in West Hollywood, or anywhere else in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about van wraps or our other products or services, please contact us via our website or call us at 818-723-4047.

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