What are Menu Boards?

Menu boards display menu items for restaurants, bars, cafes, kitchens, eateries, and any other places that serve meals. If you manage such an establishment in the Beverly Hills area, you could benefit from using a menu board.

Why Use a Menu Board?

Menu boards can make your Beverly Hills restaurant more efficient. At an establishment that serves food, especially a quick service restaurant, it’s not good for business if patrons are looking around, feeling unsure, and asking your staff a litany of questions about the food that you serve. Menu boards that clearly display the items for sale, their price, and potential allergen alerts will allow customers to know what they need to before approaching the ordering counter. This will result in faster orders and allow customers to move through your establishment more efficiently. Ultimately, this will result in an increase in revenue. Furthermore, menu boards can serve to brand the space inside your eating establishment and reinforce the aesthetics and culture of your brand.

Types of Menu Boards

Where should you install a menu board. Flat menu boards can be installed on or above ordering counters or on a side wall just beside the entrance. You can also install a menu board window graphic in your storefront window. Lastly, consider using an A-frame sign as an additional menu board that you place outside your Beverly Hills restaurant to get people’s attention and attract them inside.

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