What are Exterior Signs?

An exterior sign is any sign that is installed outdoors. Unless your business is located within a mall, office building, or some other completely interior space, you need exterior signs.

Why Use Exterior Signs?

Perhaps the most common use for an exterior sign is to identify a building or the business or organization that operates out of said building. Exterior signs also identify subdivisions, campus buildings, parks, government buildings, and anything else that needs identifying. When identifying commercial buildings, exterior signs should be designed to also promote that business in a way that is on-brand with the rest of its signage and imaging. Exterior signs can also provide directional and parking information.

Types of Exterior Signs

Some of the more popular types of exterior signs include:

The image of your business or property and the intended function of your exterior sign should inform how your exterior sign is designed and what materials it should be comprised of. At Global Signs & Graphics, we tailor every exterior sign we make to the needs of the client. Our exterior signs are eye-catching and durable.

Work With Us to Create the Perfect Look and Signage for Your Business or Property

Global Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company based in Los Angeles, California. We can custom make the perfect exterior sign for your business or property in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about exterior signs or our other products or services, please contact us via our website or call us at 818-723-4047.

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