Digital SignsWhat are Digital Signs?

Digital signs are illuminated signs that are digitally programed to display scrolling or changing messages. Because they are lighted and utilize the appearance of movement, digital signs are remarkably effective at generating impressions.

Why Use Digital Signs?

Digital signs can be used to identify and promote businesses, as menu boards, to advertise a product or product line, or to convey important information. Digital signs cycle through a sequence of messages and/or graphics. If you really want to grab attention for your Sherman Oaks-area business or organization, a digital sign is an effective option. And because you can display multiple different messages, digital signs can convey much more information than a static sign. Another added benefit is that digital signs can actually save you money over time. When you want your digital sign to display a different message, you can simply reprogram it. With a static sign, you would have to buy a whole new sign or sign panel. Digital signs are an increasingly popular visual technology for businesses because they use scrolling messages and active imagery, and this has been shown to attract six times as much interest as a static sign.

Types of Digital Signs

Digital signs can use a digital screen or a board of digitally programmed lights (usually LEDs) to display messages and convey a sense of movement. Digital signs can have static elements, too, such as a branded border.

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