Building SignageWhat is Building Signage?

‘Building signage” is a very broad term because, technically speaking, any sign installed on the exterior wall of a building can be called a “building sign”. To make the term a more useful one, sign professionals usually reserve the term “building signage” for signs that identify the building on which they are installed. “Architectural signage” is a related term that is usually used to refer to building signage that is used as a sign system on a number of related buildings, such as on a campus, government complex, or business park.

Why Use Building Signage?

You can see building signs all over the Van Nuys area of California because they are necessary to identify buildings. Apart from identifying your building, your building signage should also be designed with the brand of your business, institution, or property management company in mind.

Types of Building Signage

Building signage is often made of metal, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Business owners often choose to illuminate their building signage to boost visibility. Furthermore, it should be noted that building signage doesn’t actually have to appear on a building. A monument sign is also a type of building sign. Global Signs & Graphics can help you decide what materials, fonts, colors, and styles work best for the brand and aesthetic of your Van Nuys business or property.

Work With Us to Create the Perfect Look for Your Business or Building in Van Nuys

Global Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company based in Van Nuys, California. We can custom make the perfect building signage for your business, organization, institution, or property in the Van Nuys area. To learn more about building signage or our other products or services, please contact us via our website or call us at 818-650-8333.

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